Stuart performed a recent inspection of a high-rise condo. He was punctual, cheerful, and professional. He easily spotted items of concern and provided experienced and informed advice when needed. He seems very comfortable and very adept at his job and it was a pleasure working with him for those two hours.


Stuart was amazing. He answered all of my questions and taught me valuable information about my future home. Take a lot of notes! I know what things I will need to save to replace in the future. Invaluable information for a new home owner. Would absolutely recommend and hire again.


Stuart was incredible thorough, detailed, and responsive. As a first-time home buyer, he offered great and helpful information throughout the inspection process and realistic options/alternatives we identified issues. Highest recommendation!


Stuart and team were great. Very responsive, communicative and patient with our questions. They spent the right amount of time and were very careful with their inspection of the property. Their detailed report was also a huge plus. I highly recommend Keeshin Inspection Services.


I highly recommend Stuart Keeshin! I’m a very critical individual so for me to give five stars and be impressed takes a lot of effort. Stuart was excessively patient with my multitude of questions and answered everything clearly and precisely. He made sure I understood and took extra time to clarify anything I wasn’t entirely clear on.


I’ve been in the residential and commercial construction industry for over 20 year and really didn’t want to spend the money on a inspection but at the behest of my wife we had Keeshin do an inspection. Stuarts knowledge and experience was a pleasant surprise. He had lots of insight on our 1950’s two flat and pointed out some items I would have missed. In the end the structure was solid and we purchased the building but Stuarts confirmation put me and my wife at ease. Highly recommended, very knowledgeable, very professional.


I’ve used Keeshin Inspection Services since 1999 and recommend them to all of my friends. I just had a very thorough inspection last week and am very comfortable to say that I am buying a very safe home. Their practical approach combined with a high attention to detail resulted in a number of items that were brought to the developers attention to be corrected or fixed prior to me moving in, saving me hundreds of dollars.


Stuart has deep knowledge of building architecture/structure, plumbing and electrical systems. He produced a thorough and quick inspection report and highlighted items that helped me to make sound decisions on the purchase of a new home.


Stuart inspected a 21 unit building for me. He was very patient in answering my questions and dealing with the onsite “handy” man. He was also available to answer questions I had regarding the report and how to move forward with the information given in the report.


Stuart and his staff were incredibly responsive and detailed. Stuart came to the inspection on time and stayed extra to answer every single question that came up. I appreciated his attention to detail and patience throughout the process. He was informative, kind, and beyond helpful throughout the inspection and after with any additional help needed. The asme could be said for his staff. I would highly recommend Keeshin Inspection Services!